Family counselling involves both the parents and children in the counselling process. The focus is on the interaction between members of the family, and how this enables or inhibits changes in growth in the individual members of the family. Some common issues addressed include blended family issues, divorce or marriage adjustment, and sibling conflict. Two specialized services funded by the Ministry of Social Services for family counsellors are Rapid Intervention for Family Treatment (RIFT) and Resolving Adolescent-Parent Strife (RAPS).
RIFT (Rapid Intervention for Family Treatment)

RIFT is a family therapy service for families in crisis offered by contractual agreement with Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services, and Family and Youth Services, Youth Unit. Families with youth 15 years and younger who are in significant crisis are referred by the Family and Youth Services Unit for therapy on a quick access schedule. Access is only through the Unit which pays for up to five family sessions with CFS Regina.

RAPS (Resolving Adolescent - Parent Strife)

RAPS is a conflict resolution and family negotiation service offered contractual agreement with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services, and Family and Youth Services. Families with youth 16 years and older who are unable to resolve ongoing conflicts that have ruptured the relationships are given support to rebuild relationships and find a workable social contract together. Access is only through Youth Services which pays for up to five sessions with Catholic Family Services.

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