Spring Activities

Print off these activities for some Spring Time fun with your little ones!

These activities are from education.com and the grade level ranges from PreSchool to Grade One.

What We Offer

•  Assessment of strengths and needs

•  Assisting in regaining hope and motivation

•  Assistance in developing insight and aspiration through goal planning

Program Goals

•  Finishing/furthering educational goal

•  Confidence in parenting

•  Building resiliency

•  Building and establishing stronger, healthier relationships

Benefits of Participation

•  An opportunity to develop a social network with other young parents

•  Group outings and awareness of community programs

•  Life skills  development

•  Knowledge of child development

•  Parenting support

•  Nutritional information and meal planning

•  Cooking & taking home a meal

•  Circle of Security Parenting Program

•  Budgeting support

•  Gardening and alternatives to purchasing food

•  Encouraging self-esteem and self-awareness

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