July Activities

Check out what the Young Parent Program has going on for the month of July!

What We Offer

•  Assessment of strengths and needs

•  Assisting in regaining hope and motivation

•  Assistance in developing insight and aspiration through goal planning

Program Goals

•  Finishing/furthering educational goal

•  Confidence in parenting

•  Building resiliency

•  Building and establishing stronger, healthier relationships

Benefits of Participation

•  An opportunity to develop a social network with other young parents

•  Group outings and awareness of community programs

•  Life skills  development

•  Knowledge of child development

•  Parenting support

•  Nutritional information and meal planning

•  Cooking & taking home a meal

•  Circle of Security Parenting Program

•  Budgeting support

•  Gardening and alternatives to purchasing food

•  Encouraging self-esteem and self-awareness

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